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Sandra Engages The Audience ... Every Time! One-Of-A-Kind, Practical, Inspiring Content.
She clarifies how each person's bank of strengths, used as designed, works out performance and engagement for quality, service, and innovation.

Her passion as CEO/Executive Director for StrengthBank Inc. comes from understanding engagement and productivity in the workforce begins in the high school classroom.

The unique tool StrengthBank® and its COMMUNICATION WorkOuts® not only bridges the
education-to-work gap but also allows today's workforce an opportunity to mentor up tomorrow's. The ultimate result is a sustainable foundation for each of us to become and remain teachable, promotable, lovable for a lifetime of positive contribution. We can begin each day inspired, safe, expectant and end each day fulfilled by the day's activities ready for the next.

Better Relationships, Better Decisions, Better Business, Better America

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